Experiencing Jishou

The summer after my freshman year, I taught English in a small city in China with a diverse group of 10 other Princeton students. Some were African American, some were Asian Americans who'd grown up in the US, others were Asians who'd grown up in Asia and moved to the US later in their lives, and another was albino. Some saw the experience through the lens of a native Chinese speaker, while others had never been to China before. In this short film, I explore how different parts of our identity (race, gender, experience with China, etc.) affected our day-to-day experiences, especially when we were abroad for such a short period of time and our interactions with those around us were heavily influenced by how we were perceived by others (i.e. how foreign we looked, how much we blended in, gender roles in China, etc.). 

Created for VIS 263: Documentary Filmmaking, Spring 2016